A Cheerleader Song for Free Bingo at OhMyBingo

Added 2010-08-12 07:22:06

Oh My Bingo - O is for the....only place to be!    

H is for happy........when playing my bingo!

M is for many.........prizes to be had!

Y is for you.....you'll never be bored!

B is for bingo..........and the smile you get when you have a win!

I is for interesting..........the players chat and the CMs chat games!

N is for never.........you will never need to go elsewhere!

G is for gold and the prizes that can be had!

O is for oh my bingo...........it is fab! x x x

Little bit of what i am feeling at the mo lol hope you all like it.  I know there are so many posts on here about how much people like and apprieciate the ohmybingo site but all i have written and other people have, it is all so true.  Anyway, back to bingo and see if i can have a win and join in some fab chat games.

Bye for now - I'll see you all soon.  Enjoy your free bingo and win loads!  Mwahhh, gl to all my fab roomies  x x