A Day in the Life of a Bingo Head

Added 2010-08-20 08:39:24

This is the sad story of a day in the life of a bingo head.  Wake up in the morning and get a cup of coffee.

Turn on my laptop log in to oh my bingo to see if the daily lottery has been kind to me or if i will have to work hard as a news reporter to earn lots of points to play free bingo.

Then i go to jackpot joy bingo to play my daily free game this week i have chosen to play the fishing game ( no free spins yetttt this week).

My next stop is the daily free every one is a winner game a mirror bingo, which i am saving up all my winning to play at the end of August when the promotion ends.

If i have been playing at tombola and am entitled to play there free game off i go and try my luck ( not very lucky there never won yet).

Get the kids up ready for school.

Run back home to get omb early bird game of bingo on (just found out kids school have a free breakfast club could put them every day then i would not miss first game of bingo, but kids might tell the teachers mummy's in a hurry to get home to play bingo lol).

Do the house work and all that stuff.

In the evening settle down and enjoy some more omb and usually to finish off my day go round all of the sites offering free bingo and buy tickets.

Oh and i forgot to mention probably fit in a few online bingo games some where in the afternoon.

Does this kind of day sound familiar to any off you?