A Day Out Free From Online Bingo

Added 2010-08-28 16:29:54

Well been stuck in house for ages so i thought i would have a rest from the internet and online bingo sites ( only for couple of hours through lol couldnt last any longer than that ) so off i went to a local community fun day away from my lappy and my beloved online bingo.

It was really great spending time with family and just getting out for a while there i was walking around the stall gathering local info and news and out of loads of people standing a round i got handed a leaflet didnt take much notice at first but when i looked at it quess what it was lol a local bingo night for prizes lol ( must of known i was a bingo head ) so i thought i had had a break from bingo and now i got a date at local school for some prize bingo lol ( so even through i say i am having a bingo break it still follows me think i will still be playing it when i am a pensioner pmsl love it x  ) im thinking might win some great xmas pressies for family and friends   lol :) ) )