A Fabulous Coins Prize From Free Bingo Online

Added 2010-08-15 14:39:32

woop woop I have managed to redeem £20 of Love To Shop vouchers, I am so chuffed as it secound lot i have managed to win but this time lol my son is gonna let me have them to go towards my weekly shop at Iceland when i receive them.

This site has so much to offer and never faulters or fails it's members on giving then what they want, so i thank you again OhMyBingo, it is such a pleasure to be part of such a brill site that does exactely what it says it is gonna do.

Looking forwards now to loads more ohmybingo, to chatting with my free bingo pals and meeting lots more fab roomies. good luck to you all i know who are saving or have reedemed the prize that you are after you will not be dissapointed ever ( i can personally say that as i have already got so much out of the oh my bingo site and i am sure i will get more in future in meeting newbies and gettin to know my pals already a bit better )

thank you oh my bingo im off now to play some online bingo x