A Few 12 Days of Christmas Winners For You

Added 2015-12-30 13:31:00

Congratulations to all our winners so far and merry 12 days of Christmas lol!

Yesterday we had a bumper OMPs jackpot game and the winners were:


1L - 40,000 OMPS - dragon662L - 60,000 OMPS - billynomatesFH - 100,000 OMPS - dragon66

Two days ago in Five Gold Rings, xreigyboysx won an ice cream maker - WTG!

Our Christmas Day OhMyBingo CASH game went as follows:

1L (14) bbadboy13 (£25 OMB bonus)2L (35) Sacha (£75 OMB bonus)FH (47) patch2 (£100 OMB bonus)

And on the 26th, rosiepear won a fab pair of curling tongs!

Finally for now, on the 27th we had a Season Bingo game and the winners were:

1L (7) tickleikkle (£10 Season Bingo Bonus)

2L (37) correy01 (£15 Season Bingo Bonus)

FH (53) itsmejaseyboi (£25 Season Bingo Bonus)

Well done everyone!  Don't forget that the next game plays tonight - head to the XMAS tab in the lobby and pre-buy your tickets now for just 2 OMPs!