A Few Helpful Hints To Help Newbies At OMB

Added 2012-03-07 15:53:54

Welcome to OhMyBingo this is a very friendly popular site with a great crowd of roomies who always welcome new players.

It can be quite difficult in the first few weeks to be able to play as much as you wish but there are ways of getting more oh my points to play with daily if you go to the OhMyBingo home page you will see numerous other sites advertised well if you click on these and visit the sites from here you can get 250 omps per site instant omps per day ... brill thats a few more games lol max 5 per day.

Then if you go to members page and scroll down a bit the sites u have just visited you can review also (max 3 per day) for 250 omps each instant omps 

You can do both of the above daily untill you run out of site ...please note you don't have to sign up to them to get the omps just visit them 

You also get a daily lottery which are instant points but you do need to have less than 5000 omps in your account that day to recieve this 

Once you have joined our great community and venture into the free bingo room (we use our omps to buy tickets) there are chat games going almost all day long and you can win up 2000 extra omps to play with per day these are instant points too.

You can also submit news items,recipes,jokes and comment on news already there for points too but these are not instant ones but you normally recieve these within 24 hours 

Now once you start playing you win coins and points too  bronze silver and gold oh my points are played for on 1 lines and amount depends on how many playing and coins are for 2 lines and full house.  There is currently 3 gold hours per day and these are from 9 am till 10 am, 1pm till 2 pm and 7pm til 8pm. Once you start winning your coins if you go to the members page and click on the claim prizes tab then there is a range of account upgrades lottery upgrades prizes and bingo site redeems. There it does tell you how much each item costs and if you have enough to claim that prize the exchange for points and upgrades are instant too we also have special evenings like on a mon you can win gold from 9pm till midnight on seconds best where you win a gold coin on every 2 lines 

Each cm has a promo chat game played weekly and you can win coins just by doing wat you all love doing playing bingo lol  and these coins are besides your bingo wins there is lots of fun chat games and comps on omb so there is something for everyone to enjoy. We even have slots now too. 

And there are benefits that come with upgrading your account which is explained if you click on the whats this bit at side of upgrade. 

With each upgrade on the first of every month you get bonus points ammount depends on your status.

I hope this does help you to get started and join the friendliest site around and if anything you don't understand or need help with just pop into bingo room and there is always someone around to help.

Happy Winning and Welcome!