A Few OhMyBingo Suggestions

Added 2010-11-07 09:24:45

would we all like to see more gold coins yayyyyy we would well i have a little sugestion that may be the lovely ben and james could consider so to get straight to the point lol i babble on you see lol

1 . . . post of the week / or month :) maybe the lovely (ia m a suck lol ) ben / james and evey one behind the scenes could award a member some lovely shiny gold coins for having a great news post   hence post of the week / month

2 . . . recipe of the wee again some lovely gold coins to winner

3  .. . joke of the week more lovely gold stars for members : ) ) ) )

4  . . . may be a late gold hour for those who cant make the mourning and evening online bingo gold hour :)))

and finally may be we could gold coins and points to the member of the week and may be have a 1st 2nd and 3rd for member of the week instead of biggest winner and biggest loser but love the loser of the week thing so you could have a booby prize for them too

well if i am asking too much tell me to shutup lol