A few online bingo wins like on William Hill Bingo

Added 2010-10-26 11:23:22

I have had a resonably lucky weekend. I won £30 on william hill bingo on saturday night after depositing £10. well i won £54 and withdrew £30.

After that i went on to posh bingo and after moaning about it the other day lol i won £60, sadly lost the lot as usual but at least i can say i actually won there for the first time in ages :)

Today i have been on tombola and have won £31, withdrew £10 and im still playing with the rest. im hoping my lucks up its way up. I did win £15 on foxy bingo but i couldnt get my balance up enough to be able to withdraw sadly :(

Iv had a few small free wins, £3 on foxy zero, £7.50 on sing and £8 on costa but again i lost it but at least i could play for a while for free.

Im still waiting for that illusive huge win but hopefully thats just round the corner ( i wish! lol)

I have been depositing to much lately though and have lost loads so i think im going to stop depositing for a while now and wait until after xmas .