A few suggestions for OhMyBingo

Added 2011-04-08 16:45:09

maybe it is a good idea to limit the amount of news reports, we can do per day, but I think to compensate for this limit, it would be a good idea to raise the amount of jokes and recipes that we can put on, as two of each per day, do not give us many points, not like a few good news reports would..

And I do not think that any one should complain, about the amount of points people earn for doing them, as they do take time and effort, and should not be undermined, just because some one else does not have the time, or the inclination to do them, themselves.

I do not know if the CM'S get a weekly or daily points allowance now, but it would be a good idea if they did, as they would not have to sell their hard earned coins to pay for doing their shifts, which as we all know are completely voluntary, as they can go through a good 10,000 points per shift..

As an added thought, I did suggest a few months ago, that a prize hour once or twice a day, where the players could win prizes, would go down very well with the players, and perhaps these prizes could be donated to the site by the sponsor sites.I am sure that this would encourage more people to join and play online bingo too.