A few wins on Posh Bingo

Added 2010-11-01 10:53:37

I have managed to win on Posh Bingo again! i cant believe it i moaned about it the other week and since then i have been able to withdraw twice!

I have only withdrew £20 this time though lol, i deposited £10 so im only £10 up but its better than losing i suppose :)  the one thing that makes Posh Bingo good is the minimum withdrawel. i get fed up of those sites that only let you with a minimum of £30 especialy when you have won something daft like £29.99 and you lose the lost trying to get 1p lol. I think the reason i keep going back to posh is because you can withdraw as little as £10, you only need to win once on bingo and you have your money back i guess.

Still though it does feel like its been so long since my luc has returned on this site, i think moaning worked so i might moan ( to myself) about other sites more often, see if it works again :) heres hoping lol.

I have got a few £s left in my account so i might surprise myself and win more but knowing me i will end up losing it on online bingo lol.