A Flexible Single Account for Online Bingo Play

Added 2011-06-04 07:59:35

I think that people that read my news are fairly aware that I take more than a passing interest in online bingo companies. Most of you know that bingo sites are grouped into 'families' of sites with seperate identities and operations, seperate accounts and seperate games. With profits from sites like City Bingo, Tasty Bingo and 'Member of the Month' sponsor Wink Bingo ultimately heading to boost the profits of the same parent company.

I, like many people, want different things from different sites that I'm a member of. I like playing promotions that are unique to a particular site and am always on the lookout for something new. So it got me thinking about the possible applications of a single, flexible account across a family of sites. In an ideal world - this would mean on a practical level that I would register card details to one server, have the option on application, to tick which sites in the family I want to join; eliminating the need for me to complete my details on tens of forms. The promotions would be left exactly as is, and sites would still have their own distinct games and images. Not to mention free cash and deposit offers for you to take advantage of.

You would have a unified portal to manage your I.D's across sites (as I know some people like different usernames on various online bingo sites).

When requesting a withdrawl - you would get a single withdrawl screen but could also 'drip' funds from one site to another. This would mean that if there was a game that you really wanted to play on City Bingo but had money on Tasty Bingo - you could transfer money easily with one-click. Similiarly, it would eliminate odds and ends of cash so you could build it towards withdrawl.

What would you think to unified registration and payments? Would it encourage you to game more or less? Would you love or hate it?