A forum for OhMyBingo

Added 2011-10-21 07:53:38

I was sitting here thinking about OhMyBingo and suddenly thought, wouldn't it be nice to have a forum. The Oh Myers have so much to share that I am sure they would love the opportunity to share through a forum. Things like suggestions for new chat games or new prizes. Full reviews of other bingo sites they have played on, rather than just the few words the current bingo reviews section allows.

We could have a Birthday forum, where we could post our birthday wishes to members, maybe with the ability to post congratulatory graphics.

A graphics sharing forum, so that those who are good at graphics designs could offer their work to the other members. They could take requests for graphic avatars for members to upload if they are not very photogenic. Members who are not good at graphics could contribute by finding suitable piccies on the internet (as long as there are no copyright restrictions) for such things as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc. Also thank you, get well and sympathy graphics.

Sad though it is we could also have a Sympathy forum, where those who lose loved ones can share the burden with the rest of us and get our support at such a distressing time.

A Get Well forum, again a place to post our best wishes for a speedy recovery, where a picture can bring a smile to the face of someone feeling below par.

A Pet's forum, where we could share our experiences of and love for our pets. Plus of course the photographs. We could share hints and tips if our pets are not quite the ticket, a few words can do an awful lot to reassure a worried pet owner.

These are just a few suggestions for what a forum could contain, give me the chance and I could go on all night LOL.

I know that if it is possible to have a forum on OhMyBingo our members would have many other suggestions to contribute.