A Free Bingo OhMyBingo Golden First

Added 2010-08-13 10:14:11

We did it, we finally had an OHMYBINGO first.  On Tuesday night we all rallied round, both CM's in the room, and I just couldnt believe how many new members, and old members a like joined us at 6pm for our fabulous golden hour.

It started off great, and really good fun! I enjoyed playing the games along side all the members,and the good ol' chit chat that goes on, is hilarious. 

I think it was the second or third last game when we finally managed to get 50+ members in and the first ever automatic gold on the board :D  The lucky member to win the automatic full house jackpot and the golden hour gold was issybee - and a very excited little bunny she was :D Although I think I nearly passed out with excitement, I mean I did end up kicking myself out of the bingo room clicking on Cheeky Bingo speech bubble DOH!

I think we did the right thing moving the time from 5pm to 6pm as lots more people have the time to log on and enjoy the game now as they are not rushing about making dinner or just getting in from work, they are more relaxed and can enjoy the game at there leisure!

I just want to thank everyone that participates in all the free bingo games every hour not just golden hour.. if it wasn't for you all there is no way this free bingo malarky would happen!  Keep it  up and come and visit me tonight 6pm -7pm see if we can make it 2 automatic golds on the board ;) hehe!