A Free Handbag Is Not To Be Missed

Added 2011-03-08 11:59:07

Diva Bingo is on the way, and we are very excited indeed.  After all, any lovers of online bingo should be excited about a site called Diva Bingo.  Although details are sketchy at the minute, we anticipate it is going to be stuffed full of huge guaranteed jackpots, amazing chat games, incredible prizes and promotions ... everything a true bingo Diva would expect. Of course, any self-respecting Diva of Bingo would expect to be waited on hand and foot, and we hear that Diva Bingo is going to have round the clock support, ready to cater for every whim. We can only imagine that the chat rooms banter and gossip will be suitably Diva-like, with plenty of great chat games, celebrity gossip and glamour. Who knows what kind of free bingo bonus Diva Bingo will offer?  We hope it's very big, because that's the kind of thing that Divas love. With so many new online bingo sites popping up so often, we get a very good feeling about the DivaBingo.  If you're looking for new free bingo thrills, and a glamorous place to play, we reckon you need to make Diva Bingo your next destination.  Watch this space and we shall fill you in when it launches.  Feather boas and cocktails at the ready.  This news story was brought to you by OhMyBingo.com - the UK's coolest place to compare bingo sites! Written by Tracy Garnett.