A funny thing happened to me in Gina bingo

Added 2010-04-01 17:00:41

I joined up this morning and had a little whirl. The site is okay-ish, the software is a bit slow and the freebie game is £1.00 pot but hey ho it's free :-)

After a wee while on Gina Bingo I got my free £10.00 and off I went, sort of not expecting to win but sort of half hoping I would.

And that's when a very strange thing happened .. I went and bought some tickets which I thought would be for the game following the one that was in progress .... so imagine my surprise when I found I'd bought into a game that was over halfway through !!!???**$£"!!

The one and two lines had already been won and the tickets I bought were already marked off .. I didn't get anywhere with them (of course) but I can't for the life of me work out how that came to be.

Is it a glitch or what ?

If it is a glitch they need to get it sorted a bit sharpish coz it's one thing buying into a game with your free money but it's quite another to deposit and find that kind of thing happening.

I'll give it a while before I do consider depositing there and wait to see what other members experience of the site is.

Happy bingo-ing ;-)