A funny thing happened to me on Foxy Zero

Added 2010-06-14 18:12:13

I was bobbing in and out of Foxy Zero yesterday .. as you do ... just getting the free bingo games as and when ... and I noticed the usually empty room next to it suddenly opened.

I popped in to find it was a 1p game .. max of 6 tickets ... so after mulling over whether I could afford the 6p I went utterly wild and bought the tickets. :-)

I play loads of the freebie games on Foxy Zero and do have the odd touch against all the odds so I felt that my 6p investment was well worth the risk. I became even MORE confident when I saw people leaping in and out of chat yet the number of players didn't increase at all. Obviously not everyone has 6p to throw about willy nilly ... and when the game eventually started there were 2 ... yes TWO players ... for a massive pot of 11p .... lololol.

So .. I popped outta the room to put on the freebie and the room slammed shut .. I couldn't get back in to watch the nailbiting game proceed .... ah well .. I thought I'm BOUND to win :-)

Did I win ?????

Did I 'eckerslike :-(

Well done whoever it was who scooped that 11p from right under me :-)