A Good Game of Online Bingo With no Win

Added 2010-08-28 16:20:33

hi there everyone cant sleep again so im off again lol just wondered what oh my bingo players would class as a good game of bingo?

Was asked recently if i had won on bingo i replied no but i had a good game as i had quite a few 1 tgs ( or sweats as i call em lol).  They then asked how i had a good game if i never won, well to me i think i have a good game if i have a sweat or two and if i win it is a great bonus.

A bad game of online bingo to me is when you sit there and you cant even get down to a 2 tg lol well thats the most thrilling thing about bingo isnt it?  waiting for that elusive 1 tg it certainly gets the blood pumping and the heart racing then when you get it it gives you a great feeling . so what do you all class as a good game of bingo ? do you think it is only a good game if you win ? or are you like me think even through you did not win but you had a few sweats you had a good game ?