A good online bingo review gone sour at Bingo Hollywood

Added 2010-05-23 10:01:01

can sumone please tell me where im going wrong, i've ada problem with bingo hollywood and ive just had an email off them to say im not welcome in there rooms!

im not getting the jist of this ive deposited and played fair and square and ive never been blocked from rooms as im a friendly and out going person can you please help oh my bingo becuase im getting very confused and very upset about this!

i even made a good review about this site and if id known this was going to happen i would never have joined the site and deposited! crike if id done something wrong then i could understand but i have not and to be honest this makes me feel like a thief! ive never been in trouble with anyone so help me please because i feel as if ive stolen something its an online bingo site and we all play and have fun im totally disappointed now so i may as well give up! and whats so funny is ive never been blocked from a bingo site in all the time ive played so your help would be more than appreciated  regards deborah x 

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