A great bingo site Jackpot Joy

Added 2010-04-28 11:03:24

I rly think that jackpotjoy.com is a gr8 bingo site, there is also mini games on there and free game which gives u free cash or spins on a game. the one game what i like playing is taki catch of the day. easy was to get free money of a 7 day period. back to the Jackpot Joy bingo and they always have great jackpots. jackpots over 10k and anyone can win that any time. the most i have won in 1 game must be about £500 and i had the full house in a certain mout of numbers and i got the jackpot.

i thought it was all a scam at first cos it was too good to belive but when i viewed my bank account 3 days later and there it was, a gr8 payday for me, and from that day i still enjoy it. howeva if you go to play bingo you must think that your playing to lose so you dont get your hopes up, like if u want to put £10 in your account, you must be prepaired to give away £10 for nothink, and also dont keep putting money on thinking your going to win next time because that is how you lose all your money, please play responsible.