A Great Community at Oh My Bingo

Added 2011-08-19 06:57:19

Hi Guys n Gals, I would just like to say, that we really do have a great community on OMB, and for some people on here, who for differing reasons cannot go out much, to meet people. OMB is like a familly or best friend to them, and for some the only company they have. It would be a terrible shame to lose any of the players on here, through what might be a misunderstanding, I know a few of you are close to acheiving your big prize, and this news of stopping the exchange of silver for golds, must have been a shock, as it has been sprung on us, with no advance warning.

I for one was rather upset too, as this was the only way I could get my golds, and although the prizes are 'free' we do spend a lot of our time playing to get these coins, but I personally am a long way from attaining a 'big prize', so it's not so bad for me.

May I make a suggestion....  that OMB allow those closest to getting their big prize, keep the exchange of silver for gold, so that they at least can claim their big prize, as there cannot be too many that are that close, while the rest of us, give ohmybingo a chance to put all their 'improvements' into play, before judging whether or not they are good ideas or not, as I have said, we do have a great community on here,and it would be sooooo sad to see any one leave.