A great experience at Zoom Bingo

Added 2013-04-17 09:29:07

Little time ago I was player Zoom bingo, about 1-2 months ago. I receive email from Zoom Bingo yesterday in the 1 BBs surprise bonus. I am happy, Zoom bingo every week send surprise 1 BBs.

Little player in the 90 ball room, 10p one ticket, I was playing 10 tickets, all player playing 10 tickets about, its see the screen. I was win and win the account is up 10.80. I am happy. Join now.

I was playing today morning mini slots, but I am lost all pounds. I am little unhappy, but no big, i was great feeling in this bingo site, it was good fun playing, i am no depositor. I see in the lobby in the Zoom bingo many many free room, but i dont playing this, but will one more time possible its. 

I am waiting next week, if Zoom Bingo send email from me, possible the surprise BBs...