A Healthy Addiction to OhMyBigno LOL

Added 2011-04-01 06:36:56

Yesterday on the tv i heard some thing about having a gambling addiction is now classed as a mental health problem.

Lol i knew that we were all nutters here, i don't know about being addicted to gambling but i know that i am addicted to oh my bingo. This morning my retired neighbour kindly offered to give me a lift to do my shopping, i reluctantly accepted but grrrr it was at 9.10 so i only managed the first two games of golden hour. I was tempted to say ye but can you wait till 10 am

And all the way round the supermarket i kept looking at the clock thinking of what i was missing. And would i make it home before 10 am, lol i did not make it back in time.

On a serious note it must be very hard for people with a gambling addiction as now every where you look there are ads for lots of bingo sites.

I am very good and limit myself to £10 a week some times i will spend a little more but then some weeks i dont deposit at all.

I only spend what i know that i can afford to loose, it must be really awful for people that do have a problem.