A huge fan of online bingo site Posh Bingo

Added 2010-10-21 11:09:32

I was always a huge fan of posh bingo, loved the freebies, loved depositing, loved everything about it infact, when i first joined i did nothing but win win win.

However all seems to have changed at Posh Bingo for me this past year, i have only won about £50 out of what seems like hundreds of deposits, i win about 25p a week on the freebies and never seem to even get close in the paying rooms, no matter how many tickets i buy.

I still seem to play there though, i dont know what it is about the site that keep me going back maybe im hoping my newbie luck will come flooding back LOL.

I wish they would bring back the other free room, since the change its getting very hard to win on there and when i do win the slightest few quid i lose it, sorry if i seem to be moaning alot but is it me or do these more popular sites seem to be letting their standards slip lately?

I never used to believe these people that said only the newbies win but lately its go me questioning it, dont get me wrong i dont expect to win all the time, i know its a gamble some you win some you lose but this has been going on for a long time with this site, it doesnt help when they keep emailing me deposit bonuses either lol.