A Huge Thanks to OhMyBingo

Added 2010-08-11 15:58:17

I just want to say thank you for all my free bingo cash i managed to claim from here. I have enjoyed every single game it took to get the coins needed to change for bingo cash and have enjoyed playing on pay online bingo sites for nothing as well.

i managed to win a full house of £26 something on Love Your Bingo and although i didnt withdraw any it kept me playing for half the day without having to spend my own money. I aslo won £7 on  Mecca Bingo with my free cash aswell so thanks again!

I'm also surprised at how quickly everyone at OMB works, one day i redeemed for Costa Bingo and it had gone into my account with a few hours, i thought i would be waiting a week lol. I think everyone here will agree when i say this is the best by far free site for bingo, to be honest i think you beat all pay sites as well. Everyone is ever so friendly which makes the whole experience here even more exciting.

Keep up the good work OhMyBingo, i am officialy addicted and wont be going anywhere now lol. I can blame you when my boyfriend wanders why the housework hasnt been done ;)