A huge welcome back to CM badboy13

Added 2013-11-25 14:13:01

Hi everyone,

Just a wee news post to say a HUGE welcome back to our one and only CM badboy13, who managed a whole week running around the room naked before asking for his cardy back lol it is cold at this time of year so its not surprising lol

CM badboys13's shifts have changed to night time. These are Friday night from 8pm to 12pm and a Sunday 7pm to 11pm and Saturday mornings 9am-12pm when he can do so.

Which also means that my own shifts have changed, just to confuse you all of course! lol  I will now be doing every 2nd Monday 9am - 12pm, Wednesdays 4pm - 7pm, Thursday 7pm-11pm as normal, Friday 4pm-8pm, Saturday 7pm to 11pm as normal and I will do every 2nd Sunday 9am - 12am on the week that I work the Monday.

This also means that some of CM xbornluckyx's shifts have also changed she will be doing Monday 7pm -12pm as normal, Tuesday 4pm - 7pm as normal, Wednesday 9am to 12pm, Thursday 4pm to 7pm as normal and Friday 9am to 12pm.

Our amazing CM guccig will also in addition to her normal shifts be doing Thursday 9-12pm and every 2nd Sunday 9am to 12pm on the Sunday I am working.

CM xXxlou09xXx and CM heidi's shift will remain as they are.

So once again welcome back with us badboy13, I am sure the roomies are as delighted to have you back with us as our CM's are :) 

I would also like to take this oppertunity to say a huge thank you to all our OhMyBingo CM's for there hard work, and a huge thank you to all our roomies who take part in our chat games and giving our CM's a wonderful time doing our jobs :)

Thank you all.

Tickleikkle :)