A huge welcome to CM guccig

Added 2013-09-23 09:22:46

Hi Everyone,

I would like to take this oppertunity to say a HUGE welcome to our newest member of the CM team guccig.  Guccic as many of you know is someone who is a larger than life character and full of laughs and giggles. G as many of you peeps call her or Gina by name will be your new weekend and Monday afternoon CM.  

Guccig will be starting with us this afternoon and CMing from 4-7pm :) I would tell you lot to behave and help G settle in but I don't think you lot or G herself knows the meaning of the word lol

Guccig will be CMing - Monday 4-7pm and Saturday and Sunday 1-4pm, G was only meant to be doing till 3pm at weekends but I made a mistake on the rota and put her till 4pm which she pointed out to me! But has very nicely agreed to do till 4pm so that I didn't have to go and change the rota of course! lol

Guccig still has some stuff to learnt about us here at OhMyBingo but she has proved thus far to be a very fast learner so I am without a doubt that she will be up to speed with the rest of the CM's in no time at all, but I am sure you lot will help her out with anything she gets a bit stuck with if none of the other CM's are around to shout at lol

Guccig is already skivving thought... tut! lol Guccig will also be joining us at our meet up in Manchester 5th October so she won't be on that weekend.  But fear not badboy13 is still here and about to do chat games with you :) and maybe you lot can sweet talk lou in to coming on for a bit also lol 

Ok enough of my waffling! Welcome guccig to our CM team :)