A huge welcome to CM natabags

Added 2014-07-07 15:57:57

Hi everyone,

Just a wee news  post to say a huge massive welcome to our newest addition to the CM team :)

CM natabags who many of you know and have already met with will be doing Wedensday afternoons 4-7pm and Friday afternoons 4-8pm, but will be starting with us on Tuesday the 8/8/14 at 4-7pm :)

As from next week I will be moving my own shift on the Wednesday 4-7 to the Tuesday 4-7 :)

Nat will also be the cover CM if and when she can be so her shifts may change week to week depending on whos off but the shifts above are her set shifts for when all CM's are present :)

So we most definately have a full house of amazing CM's these days :D 

Please try and cause as much chaos as possible to help nat settle in like only you lot know how to lol

Welcome to the OhMyBingo CM team Nat im sue you will love working with us.