A Huge Welcome to Fee the Feef

Added 2012-09-21 12:09:36

I am writing this new report to welcome my friend Fee to OhMyBingo. I think that she was fed up of me going on and on about OhMyBingo that she decided to join up and find out for herself what i kept going on about.

On her very first day she won 20,000 omp for bingoing on the Wednesday number which i am sure was 39.

In the news shin has called her feef instead of fee i will now be calling her that lol.

Talk about beginners luck, but i was so pleased for her and as it can take a while to build up your points when you first start this will be a great boost for her.

I had not even realised that she had joined up until i popped in to her house for a cuppy and here was her lappy sitting and the bingo playing. I had left tickets playing while i had gone out, it was so funny to see that i had won and jean was saying in chat taxi for pansy lol.

Naeluck is also a friend that i recommended and she told her mum scottie who now plays.

Fingers crossed that we will all be able to go to the meet up next year since there are now a few of us.