A Jackpot Win on Posh Bingo

Added 2010-08-18 15:18:07

I had a go on Posh Bingo last week and I didn't win so i thought i would stick another £5 in.  Me being me went straight for the progressive slots, i tried £2 on fluffy favourites jp and lost without a single win so i jumped into the aztec rising one instead.

i managed to get 15 free spins at Posh Bingo when i was on my last £1 and got my balance up to £11.40 or something like that, after buying some bingo tickets and losing on the slots again i thought oh no here we go ( as you do lol) i got down to my ast 50p and then the screen lit up and it had congratulations you have won £52!  I had won the mini jackpot. Not a huge amount i know but i felt so happy that i had won a jp.

Sadly though i was stupid and cancelled my withdrawel and ended up losing the lot, something i seem to do quite often :( I have been back on since and won again, ( not a jp though) and yes you guessed it i got bored and canceled my withdrawel and again lost it grrrrrrrrrr!

Next time i win i will withdraw and hide my laptop away for a few days to give the withdrawal a chance to start processing lol - no online bingo lol.