A Laptop in the Post from Moon Bingo

Added 2010-08-24 17:53:15

Hi ev1, I'm a newbie on this site here and still confuddeled with all the things to do.  However I think of myself as a bingo addict and love to play on different sites.  As well as online bingo I love to play slots, poker or other casino games but haven't won anything big yet.  But I have hope that 1 day I will hit a JP.

Right, last Saturday, i was still in bed, the postman knocked at my door and gave me a parcel. I was thinking by myself: Was is it? I haven't ordered anything, neither my partner.In the parcel was a Samsung Laptop and i was asking my partner again if she have ordered a Laptop, because a couple of days earlier we where talking about to get a Laptop. B ut she said no, she have not ordered 1 and or around 5 min I thought it must be a mistake or so.

I took the letter out what came with it, it was from amazon and all what was written on it was Samsung Laptop £0.00.  Hmmmmmm than I saw the little tiny writing on this letter where it says:  Congratulation to your win on Moon Bingo.OHHHHHHHHH my god.

I could not and still can't believe that I won a Laptop. I couldn't even remember that I have bought tickets on moon bingo for this win. Now that have mad my day.I thought I'm telling you about that so that you see it is not a joke that people win.

So i hope you all get a nice surprise like that 1 day too.

Happy gaming and lot of luck