A list of Online Bingos Best Free Games

Added 2011-05-24 09:21:03

As we all love online bingo and we all love the the chance to win, and even better if the win is from a free game, I have made up a list of big free games.

  • Gossip bingo has a weekly free game on a Thursday this is a 90 ball game with a jackpot of £500.
  • City bingo has free games on a Thursday £750, Saturday £275 and Sunday £275.
  • Bingo hollywood has a free game with a pot of £20 played in the evening hourly from 6.30 till 10.30 you will find this game under the jackpot tab.
  • Redbus bingo has a free game played every night with a jackpot of £1000.
  • Foxy bingo on a Wednesday and Friday at 10pm have a free game where you can win £2000 of electrical equipment.
  • Diva bingo has a free game on a Thursday with a £500 jackpot this is a 90 ball game.

I am sure that there are lots more sites that have big free games.So if you know of any other sites it would be great if you could leave a reply. I know that these games can be very busy with hundreds of players but i keep trying and hopefully one day i will get a nice big freebie win.