A little bit of fun on Foxy Bingo

Added 2011-02-17 11:49:51

Logged in to my foxy bingo account this evening to buy my tickets for the free game to win a holiday.

I had £1.25 left in my account so entered a 90 ball room with tickets at 5p. I max out and bought 24 tickets. For ages i was waiting for 21 for one line no luck some one else won, then for two lines again waiting for 21 and yes you have guessed some one else won. Then for the full house i could not believe it still 1tg and again number 21. And woo hoo out it came, though i did have to share but still got £8.40 not a huge win but hopefully it might lead to a bigger win.

I will wait until tomorrow when i log in to buy tickets for the free holiday game and try my luck then.

Do you find that you are more likely to bingo on certain numbers, i hate when i am waiting for number 1 or number 90 never seem to win on these numbers. Hopefully 21 is going to be a lucky number for me now as had to wait so long for it to come out.