A Little Investment at OhMyBingo

Added 2012-11-22 08:20:10

For the past 2 days I have been trying to do a news post but have spent hours looking at this blank page as i came up with diddly squat lol.Today I think I might have something to talk about lol

I decided to bulk buy my points at OhMyBingo to try and build up the silver and bronze, so on monday I spent 30 gold for 300k ( omps). This left my points balance at 341,765 and my coins pot with 36 bronze,45 silver and 21 gold.

Last night I ran out of points and this morning I changed up the coins I had accumulated over those 3 days.

In 3 days I did really well and by no means am I saying this would always be the case but my grand total coins win was 121 bronze, 319 silver and 27 golds.

I am down all of 3 golds but am sure i'll win them back at some point and after changing all my coins again today I have a new balance of a little over 200k to play with.

I know alot of players don't want to use there golds for points and for those who have not claimed a big prize I completely understand.

I have had a main prize and therefore am willing to invest my golds to try and improve my points,after all we need points to play.

I personally love the new 96 max tickets,but saying that I probably wouldnt be so impressed with it if I was struggling for points.

I do max most of the time and only if there are 10 or less player do I then stick to the 24 tickets,as I don't think it's fair to max and the other players only buying 24.This is my personal choice obviously it's down to the individual player.       

I know not every player has gold to change for points,which makes things very hard and I wish those of you XTRA good luck xxxxxx

Wish you all the best of luck xxxxxxxxxxxx 

P.S - My last comment just gave me a brain wave lol so To Mr Boss why don't you give some random OMPS to the regs who have no or very little points and coins.

I think this could be quite easy to do,those that play reg and at the min have cash flow probs and don't have coins they could change could leave a comment on a news post that you put up and have 24 hours to do so and then once you have the names you can go along check there accounts and play santa early and credit there account with some points. ( think that might do your street cred some good lol )