A little note on Gala Bingo

Added 2011-08-30 11:23:36

Hi all i signed up to Gala Bingo a while back but was never  really that impressed it took me ages to sign up (i think anyway ). I could not find my profile at all or the account info which took me ages to find too. Going into the different rooms to chat wasn't very exciting and there wasn't even CMS in all the rooms which i found strange as other sites ive been onto have had a cm in every room.

I really liked the bonus start up bonus though. I did find that really good as I only had to deposit a fiver to get and extra 20 pounds on my accounT when i had spent all my deposit i did like that as most sites i been through you have a minimum deposit of £10 so this was good as i like to have money to spend but cant put loads on myself anyway. It is a nice site. I like the layout colourfull to very cheery i thought. But when you are trying to find your account info and things it is pretty hard. You have to get used to the actual site and make yourself aware of what goes where. All in all i would probably say am not too excited about it but the deposit bonus at Gala Bingo was brilliant : )