A little sad about Circus Bingo 1k game weekly

Added 2015-07-20 09:15:31

Circus Bingo is offering a game every wed and thurs where tickets are 10p and 96 max and you can play up to a thousand pounds.

A friend of mine won 200 which was real cash then the next week the rules were changed and all winning would be bonus so i bought ticks and won 100 for a line thinking i won bonus and then read the advert next to the game to realise that the prize would be in bonus......i was thinking i could withdraw £100 on thursday but no its subjected to wagering :( it use to be cash but now its bonus also on the wed game i won the line on that too to see it was a 17 way share i was like omg! 17 way share...no way.. i should post a pic of this on fb page i won 5.88 lol nevermind


still shocked its a 17 way share the most ive seen is about 7 lol gl all naughty0tg x