A lovely Bingo Hollywood win

Added 2010-10-31 10:06:54

Its been a while since i have been on bingo hollywood and i fancied a change so i thought i would go back there again and test my luck

I deposited £10 and used the cash balance to play the slots, i got my balance up to £26 and saw that the £1000 maximum jackpoy game was about to start so i quickly brought £6 worth of tickets which is unlike me as i never realy believe im going to win these games so i tend to stay away from them

I went back into the free room at Bingo Hollywood and continued to play the slots, i won 15 free spins and got my balance upto £38 then all of a sudden it shot upto £88, i had won the jackpot game, obviously not the £1000 but i was hapy to of won £50.

so far i have withdrew £60 and i still have just over £30 in my account to play with,

I was surprised when i deposited aswell as i got £7.50 bonus rather than the usual £5 that you get on these sites, i was aware when the site first started that they always gave you a 75% bonus but as the sites seem to change there rules within a few weeks i thought they would of scrapped it.

Its nice to see that some sites dont just tempt you in and then take all the good things about it away. so far im liking this online bingo site more however i think they still could do with a few more rooms.