A Lovely Online Bingo Poem For OhMyBingo

Added 2010-08-08 16:28:39

hi everyone, thought i would have a go at a poem so here goes lol.

ohmybingo is the place to be and best of all you can play for free

there are realy fun times to be had, it cheers me up when im sad

there is loads you can do, post a joke or two  

the members we have here on the site are funny, whitty, clever and bright    

when kids are in bed and dinner is cooked, you can log on to OhMyBingo and get yourself hooked

so come on and play - it's really great fun, come rain wind thunder or even the sun    

i've made some great pals and you can too, you never know if you might have a win or two    

this is my second home now, it really does deserve a big clap and a bow  

so i thank you oh my bingo with all of my heart, i am glad i have played your bingo right from the start    

well there is my attempt, i hope you like it - really had to think long and hard as i wanted to mean every word x