A lovely second prize from OhMyBingo

Added 2013-11-14 10:53:42

Hello to all my old roomies and a warm welcome to the newbies. I have recently  claimed my second prize and that is the brilliant kindle fire hd!I only got it yesterday and I know already how to use it! Many people that I know would say that they don't  want to claim something like that because they won't know how to use it, but believe me, it is so easy! Once you get the hand of it you won't let go lol you will take it everywhere you go! It might have taken me a while (have been moaning a bit but who hasn't! lol ) to save all them shiny golds but it's worth it! It's a free bingo anyway!  Many a little makes a mickle! You just need to have some luck too and er...be good to Petey lol!

Thank you again Ben, Chet and all the OhMyBingo team! The best free bingo ever!

Good luck to everyone playing free bingo here! Hope you all get to your target, claim your prize and be as happy as I am!