A magical May at Bingo Magix

Added 2013-05-11 17:45:06

A new month calls for bigger and better promotions - this is the general idea at Bingo MagiX or so it seems. There is no raining on this site’s parade when it comes to putting on a show. The new month will bring about a wide range of offers that will leave the players bedazzled!

One of the most striking features about this site is the availability of multi variant bingo games together/along with a huge collection of embedded games. Among the many games that we like to dabble in, each of us secretly have a soft corner in our hearts for a personal favourite. This month, the great Bingo MagiX ensures that everyone gets a chance and a befitting encounter with their sweetheart game.

A full house win or multiple bingo wins is only the beginning for you at this bingo site, the winnings at ‘80 ball Bingo Triathlon’ goes further by letting bingo players win on their winnings. For every game you win, you get an additional boost of bonus money coming your way.

You can also hit a few pots and grab up to £200 in cash. Cash prizes at bingo sites are rare so don’t miss out the’90 ball Daily Double Ton’ game.

In the 75 ball bingo variant, you are given a chance to play free games for 5hours every single day. To top it, bonus showers are to be expected the entire month in this bingo game variant where players can double their deposit as bonus.

The site is also giving away more than £5000 to be spun at the slot machines. To all the fervent lovers of embedded games, you could be one of the ten winners every single week of the month.

New players are welcomed with a free £15 bonus to get a feel of the site. If you’ve been looking for a new bingo site to try, we strongly recommend Bingo MagiX.