A message for OhMyBingos Golden Pete

Added 2011-07-13 11:16:44

I am sitting here bored out my skull come on petey give us a thrill

Need some gold or a silver spent 10k and not 1 flutter :-(

What can i say im just so gutted :-O

Petey pal be so kind give us a gold im not asking for a £1!

When i do get my golds you could call me grinch and be so bold

I will exchange for a £1 or 2 and make some money then you can call me scrooge ;-D

I wouldnt mind getting some vouchers too need some peanut butter m&ms to watch all the wins coming in ooooo peanut butter m&ms mmmmmm

Sooo come on petey bring on the golds and the silvers too so i can exchange for a gold or maybe a few..........lol

well folks i find it hard to max 200 words hope i dont sound to greedy lol but peteys been so unkind with 1tgs and omps being hard to find i max every game and use up all my coins cant get near those amazon vouchers :-O ive got to say though the chat is great and if it werent for the cms and the1 behind OhMyBingo and all the players, there wouldnt be a Petey to nag at lol xx