A Message from your OhMyBingo CM XxXlou09XxX

Added 2011-04-19 10:01:47

Well what can i say i have read through many news posts today and many comments and wow some very opinionated people :D but that's what life is all about right? If we all agreed it would be a very boring life, debates and discussions are healthy. I do have to say i am shocked by some of the reactions i have seen amongst the chat room and in comments. To be fair i think things are maybe now getting a little out of hand. Maybe we need a poll or something to sort it am not sure what the best way to go about it at the moment is.

I know the main debate at the moment is about news each and everyone of you have your own opinion on this as do i myself, but I'm not writing this post to judge anyone. There are some great news stories popping up and some entertaining ones too which is all healthy and creative.  I know myself i don't always find writing news stories the easiest of things and i never know what to write about to start and as I've said a few times in the online bingo chat room i have no idea how some people manage to find things to write about because i get stumped after the odd one or news posts so i have tended to just to promotional news stories instead. 

We all know news is a valuable part of daily points for some, having wrote a few last week i saw the rewards myself by saving some coins, because as a CM we are just voluntary and all our shifts we have to fund our self via our own coins i spend 20 silver or more daily which i don't begrudge 1 bit but its nice to be able to save some now and again. So we have to be good girls and once a week our big bad boss credits us with a few points which i know myself i am grateful of. We don't get the advantage of being able to play chat games on duty which means unless we use our free time to play yet more bingo we are limited on some extras.

Ok so what was my main reason for this post to be honest am not sure i just wanted to give you a bit of my opinion. Which like everyone we are entitled to. As many of you know i tend to keep my own thoughts to myself and i don't generally get involved in mass discussions but i do have my own opinions and when needed i do voice them poor Ben suffers lol.

One thing i have seen in the chat rooms a lot lately is people running out of points, i ask myself how......... there are so many ways to gain more points the most simplest is to trade coins. Yes we all save coins i myself am saving for a DSI currently 17 gold to go and am hoping to be able to claim it before my daughters birthday in June, i have managed to build coins up despite trading them daily so you can still reach high coins with trading. There are then recipes, jokes, news and comments, and of course the free daily lottery. I know some have had an opinion on the new lottery feature of bronze being added instead of points i myself haven't had bronze pop up yet but its all random just like the amount of points we all get daily from it and based upon our upgrades. When you do get bronze think of it this way if you won 1000 omps in the lotto and didn't win you gained nothing except a few bingo games however if you found 10 bronze they are yours to keep.

On top of all this myself and the other CM's run chat games constantly during our shifts again you can get up to another 2000 OMPs daily. So everyone should be able to play bingo till their heart is content because there are so many varied ways to gain points. So next time you run out or are running low why not go and explore your options to get more points :)

Ok i have wrote an essay so i best stop now but just wanted to give a few views on things, thanks for reading

Lou xxx