A new bingo account on Sun Bingo

Added 2010-07-20 16:43:05

I thought i would have a change of bingo sites the other week so i decided to try my luck on sun bingo. I deposited £10 and managed to get my balance upto £50. I decided to withdraw £30 of it. I have put lots of money into the sun and never withdrew anything before so it was a nice feeling to get a withdrawel at last. I thought nothing of it and just waited a few days to check to see if it had gone into my bank account. Well after a whole week it wasn't there so i thought i would check my emails to see if there was a problem and surpise surprise they had emailed me asking for lots of copies of ID such as passport, drivers licence, copies of the front and back of my bank card. I dont have a passport and i dont drive so i didnt have a drivers licence to copy and send them either. I explained this and they said without such documents they would not accept my withdrawel request as they could not run the risk of me being someone else!

I told them to just put the £30 back into my sun bingo account as i couldnt be bothered with all the hassle off them for the sake of £30. what annoys me though is surely to ensure that people are not using other peoples bank accounts they should ask for the account to be verified BEFORE depositing and not afterwards. They are so quick to take your money yet they play around when it comes to paying out. I have never had any problems depositing and withdrawing on other sites so i think i will just stick to them and give sun bingo a big miss.