A New Bingo Tab From Foxy Bingo

Added 2010-09-18 16:54:06

Well helllloooooooo, just a quickie to let you all know that the lovely Foxy Bingo has added a new tab to its ever growing bingo community!!! Yes that right folks, there is a new free bingo tab where you can win 25 pounds, 50 pounds, and something else that i cant remember what lol, so go over and buy your cards now for the 25 pound as its open, the others dont open till later.

We all love a freebie and it might just be your lucky dayyyyyyyy woopwoop. Plus there is some good depositing bonuses to be had, today its 100% but tomorrow it may be more so if you have the spare change go and play at the house of fox!!! They are always doing something to give you points or a good cash match, and dont forget tuesday and thursday is the tombola and pub quiz where you get 1000 points for a correct answer and if you email them with a song you get 1000 points if you get it played on air xxx