A New CM in the Mornings

Added 2012-07-23 10:55:51

I want to know if it is possibly to get a new CM, because we have no CM in a morning in gold hour. It would be nice to have a cm in a morning because at moment we have only got evening cms. I know people have got own lifes to be getting on with, but we have regulars players who play day and night who is addicted to OhMyBingo lol. This cm could do 9am to 12am and because sometimes we have only got cm trix in afternoon but she not very well at the moment. I hope you get better soon trix . I miss playing bonanza in afternoon we always had a laugh.

I know alot of players think it is a good idea if we could have a new cm for mornings and this cm could cover cm trix while she not well. We had only 14 players in chat this afternon but if cm trix was in there would be more players in chat room and playing bonanza. I know cm put alot of work and effort doing cgs and give up personal time to do cgs for us. I know sometimes it is hard to get players to play chat games but i play many cgs as i can and most of regular players who chat do aswell.