A New CM Sees OhMyBingo Growing Fast

Added 2010-08-28 16:38:01

hi all thanks everyone for perservering with me especially at the start of this morning as i said was stuck away from home so was on a slowwwwww laptop. Had another great shift loads golds and chat points won :D.

I finally got back home tonight and said to hubby i'll log on to the computer catch up with emails check a  few things and check ohmybingo. Well i started on here an hour ago and am still running through news posts all i can say is wow you lot have been very busy writing new stories :D. Keep it up everyone gives us all something to read and gives us all a chance to comment and bag some extra omps :D.

Have also seen a lot of new players over the last week so welcome everyone :) The site seems to be growing day by day and once upon a time there would be only a couple of new news posts but since tuesday theres been loads so it just shows how much the site is growing and working so thankyou ohmybingo for a great online bingo site we all love keep up the good work :D.

Ok not sure what else to add but like everyone thought  i would do a post and grab some extra omps ;) good luck everyone see you in the room soon

lou xxx