A New Facebook Game for you to Try

Added 2011-08-10 06:32:30

Hi all, just a quick one - friends of OMB have released a Facebook game and we're doing them a favour by telling you about it first!

It's called Spin Ball Bingo and it's a single player game where you can win a prize each month for free.  August's prize is a Kindle!

Please check it out, provide feedback to them/OMB and review it if you see fit.  Hmmm...now they owe us a favour...perhaps we can squeeze a monthly prize out of them for our next competition lol!

The game is at http://apps.facebook.com/spinballbingo

It's completely free to play but there are bonuses which are very cheap if you did want to use them to help you get that highscore.

Let us know how you get on and good luck!