A New Online Bingo Poem

Added 2011-06-28 05:50:12

im here to provide you with the news im out of points so i cant play

im addicted to oh my bingo where i found my special lingo

so please add my points so i can play as i love this site ive got to say


so come on sing this song with me this bingo is the site for me

three two one ive just won this site is at number one

so buy your cards and play today

who knows what they might have in store for you

they might have amazon vouchers or chocolate hampers too


i know what i must do

wait for my points to be added so i can play again

i will not win it unless im in it

so please add my points so i can fill my addiction and i can play once again

too fill my addiction and my shakes thats what my doctor has precribed

i know what bingo i love and its great

so come on add my points right away lol


i will wait until my points are added

and then i will try and win some coins

as oh my bingo is the best

better than all the rest