A New Online Bingo Site for Xmas Please

Added 2010-11-20 13:00:45

Thinking I am getting sick of my usual online bingo haunts like Costa Bingo, so was thinking i will go and try out something new and exciting,  Was just looking for a few suggestions from all of you - are there any great sites out there i can read on here?  All the fab deals are here but I want a more personal point of view by the real people on the sites as to whether it is worth a shot.

Any suggestion welcome as need a big new change of scenery in time for xmas lol i am looking for a friendly down to earth site where members are fun and cm are kind and fair and where the games are not won by the same people time in and time out.  This is starting to seem like i am writing an xmas list lol well any way if there is a site worth a go i would be grateful if you could let me know.  Thanks.

p.s. preferbly an online bingo site where i can have a big win for xmas lol and where the deposit bonus and re deposit bonusus are good and if free games are on site then that will be a bonus ty ty x x