A New Room At Diva Bingo

Added 2011-05-06 08:47:36

There is a new room opening today at Diva bingo. It's called the Diva lounge and = tickets start from just 10p. This new room is open from 12 noon till midnight.

It is great to see more rooms opening at Diva Bingo, as the site is fairly new it really seems to have taken off and become busier.

I have played at diva most days since joining, but as i only tend to play a couple of games at a time so as to make my money last i have not really got in to the way of all of the chat games yet. But i really should make more of an effort as playing the chat games is a really great way of earning points that can be turned in to bingo cash.

I received an email today from diva giving me a couple of codes for some extra deposit bonus money. These codes can be used up until Sunday. If you deposit £10 use the code 65NOW and if you deposit £20 use the code 75NOW, you can use each of these codes once a day up until Sunday. When it comes to bonus money it is great to be able to get just that little bit extra.