A nice little bingo poem for you

Added 2010-10-04 18:52:17

im sitting here with nothing to do

so i thought id write a poem just for you

bingo is the best game

but my luck is awful such a shame

just a wee win will do

or a share would do too

same names all the time

leaves a sour taste like a lime

so ill stick to the free games from now on

oh my bingo will be my number 1

im waiting for my big win

other wise the lappy isgoing in the bin lol

hope you lot liked my poem althrough i wouldnt realy put my lap top in the bin i would miss it to much lol well one thing is dertainly true i am going to stick to just free bingo games from now on as i cant seem to bag that win on any of the paid sites thatt i deposit on at the moment wishing you lot good luck on games you play and looking forward to all your great posts about your wins and general good luck stories well back to my number 1 site oh my bingo least it is fair in there bingo games hopefully i will get a win or two may be three lol